The Temple of Kwan Tai A Video Projection about Mendocino's Chinese Temple

Project Description

Moving pictures were projected during the Mendocino Film Festival for two evenings onto the Masonic Hall and The Macallum House Water Tower and later onto the Kwan Tai temple itself.

Developed in collaboration with the Mendocino Art Center, and working with the Kelly Museum, the Temple of Kwan Tai and local historians, the projection will illuminated the building with animated imagery and text. The project strives to create a bond of community through sharing histories specific to the town and those who have inhabited it through generations.

The projection focused on the Kwan Tai Temple one of Mendocino's oldest structures and one of California's oldest Chinese houses of worship in continuous use. This was an experimental one-of-a kind event that animates the history of the symbolic Taoist temple with projected images of its early pioneer Chinese community founded and built by Joe Lee and preserved up to the present day by his great-grandchildren.

This project was presented as a 15 minute video loop and projected onto the MaCallum Water Tower and the Temple of Kwan Tai in Mendocino during the Mendocino Film Festival evenings in May 2015 and again during Chinese New Year in February 2016.

Video of Projection onto Mendocino's Temple of Kwan Tai

Video of Projection onto Mendocino's Macallum House Water Tower